Cybrary is a top cybersecurity coaching platform used by 96% of the fortune 1000 companies.

“ You don’t understand how rare Tej is. I’ve hired over 100 people on upwork and he's by far the best Webflow developer. He’s capable of providing solutions to every problem I present him with. If you are building a high stakes Webflow project, Tej is your guy. “

Hal Zeitlin
Founder, Candidleap
Webflow Enterprise Partner
Launch Date
May 31, 2023

Cybrary had an existing site with over 50 pages and 10,000 CMS items. They decided to migrate to Webflow with the amazing team at Candidleap. I worked as an expert webflow consultant on this project designing the CMS structure and working on complex 3rd party integrations and features that needed custom code written in webflow.

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